Summer school in metabolic modeling

The course organized by the University of Minho will introduce state-of-the-art metabolic modelling covering the full process from model reconstruction to phenotype predictions using those models. The course will focus on user-friendly tools for metabolic model reconstruction and simulation and experimental procedures to improve those models. The course faculty have expertise in metabolic model reconstruction, … Continued

DuPont – Hackathon: Data Driven Enzyme Design

Data-driven Enzyme Design Enzymes are natural molecular machines that can perform the amazing feat of enabling and accelerating chemical reactions without themselves being consumed in the process. All living organisms on Earth depend on enzymes to process nutrients, to grow and to reproduce. Thanks to the development of modern biotechnology, enzymes can also be produced … Continued

New Vistas in computational systems and synthetic biology

This workshop, by invitation only, gathers a relatively small and diverse group of researchers to discuss novel perspectives in (computational) systems and synthetic biology arising from areas like systems and control theory, biophysics, applied mathematics, statistics and computer science (including machine learning). It will be presented several works related to reverse and forward engineering approaches … Continued Forum

SilicoLife is participating on the company forum organized by, the Portuguese distributed e-infrastructure for biological data and the Portuguese node of ELIXIR, together with P-BIO, the Portuguese Bioindustry Association. Simão Soares, SilicoLife CEO, is speaking on the panel on how to generate value from biological data.

Natural Products – Discovery, Biosynthesis and Application

SilicoLife is participating at the conference Natural Products – Discovery, Biosynthesis and Application organized as part of the Copenhagen Bioscience conferences by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. This meeting covers the recent advances in the discovery of new natural products, elucidation of their biosynthetic pathways, activation of latent pathways or expression of pathways in heterologous hosts, … Continued

Deep Tech on Display Corporate Day

SilicoLife is part of a limited hand-picked number of companies backed by the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot to participate in the P&G and Partners Corporate Day 2019. The selected companies will have the opportunity to pitch and present their business cases and to engage in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading Corporates … Continued

3rd European Chemistry Partnering

SilicoLife will be present at the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering, taking place on February 26 2019, in Frankfurt. ECP is Europe´s leading Chemistry industry Partnering event with more than 800 participants, if you would like to have a meeting with our delegates please contact us.

BlueYard Conversation: Operating Systems for Life

Simão Soares, SilicoLife CEO, will be present at the next “BlueYard Conversation: Operating Systems for Life“. This event organised by the Berlin based VC BlueYard Capital will be focused on topics such as: Increasing human lifespan and life quality – curing the big diseases and upgrading our minds and bodies; Feeding the planet with engineered … Continued

EFIB 2018

SilicoLife will be present at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology, taking place on 16-18 October 2018, in Toulouse, France. EFIB is the European market leading conference for the industrial biotechnology, if you would like to have a meeting with our delegates please contact us. SilicoLife is also one of the selected companies to exhibit at … Continued

IFIB 2018

IFIB – International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy is organized by Assobiotec, the Italian Association for the development of biotechnology and focused on biotechnology, as provider of new resources for industries. IFIB2018 will take place on 27th – 28th September 2018 in Turin, more info in the event website. Simão Soares, SilicoLife CEO, will be … Continued