Simão Soares is the Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2020

Simão Soares, SilicoLife CEO, was voted The Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO of 2020 by the readers of Il Bioeconomista – The First Bioeconomy Blog, Simão was selected from a group of inspiring leaders and companies with great impact in the bioeconomy. Announcement by Il Bioeconomista Our readers have voted. The most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2020 … Continued

Norte2020 SME qualification

Technical sheet / Ficha técnica (in Portuguese) Designação do Projeto / Project title: Contratação de Recursos Humanos Altamente Qualificados (PME ou CoLAB) Código do Projeto / Project code: NORTE-06-3559-FSE-000129 Objetivo Principal / Main aims: Reforço da investigação, do desenvolvimento tecnológico e da inovaçãoPromotion of research, technological development and innovation Região de Intervenção / Region: Norte Organismos Financiadores: NORTE2020; Portugal … Continued

The role of synthetic biology in sustainably sourcing ingredients

Technology is key in sustainability, identity and security. At the forefront is synthetic biology, with some pointing to the tool as the answer to solving these pressing and emerging needs. “Biotechnology and fermentation are great ways of having natural and scalable processes deliver products that meet the current consumer requirements in a truly sustainable way … Continued

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & The Future of Natural Product Sustainability

Published as Special to The Digest by Simão Soares, CEO of SilicoLife and Sam Nejame, CEO of Promotum Most people have a hard time dealing with climate change deniers. We say, they’re backward, there’s overwhelming evidence, they’re anti-science. Anthropomorphic green house gases accumulate in the atmosphere and if we don’t live more sustainably the earth’s … Continued


SilicoLife leading DeepBio focused on the application of deep learning to industrial biotechnology SilicoLife, University of Minho and NOVA University of Lisbon were awarded a national grant for the development of novel approaches for the computational design of new molecules and biotransformations with enhanced capabilities, boosted by the use of methods and technologies from machine … Continued

Horizon2020 SHIKIFACTORY100

SilicoLife is the coordinator of SHIKIFACTORY100, a new Horizon2020 project focused on the production of a universe of more than 100 high value compounds from the shikimate pathway, a hub in cell metabolism, through the development of an optimized chassis and the proposal and implementation of novel biosynthetic routes for the production of known and new … Continued

The Top 10 advances in renewable butanol

BUTANOVA technology highlighted on the Biofuels Digest article about the top 10 advances in the development of biobutanol. Biofuels Digest is the most widely read publication on biofuels and industrial biotechnology. Complete article here.

Butanova awarded with commercial evaluation grant

Braga, July 10th 2018 SilicoLife was awarded with a SME instrument phase 1 grant for the commercial evaluation of its BUTANOVA technology, a new biological process to produce n-butanol (patent pending). The SME instrument is a highly competitive grant scheme promoted by the European Commission. Butanol is a 4-carbon alcohol generally used as an industrial … Continued