DD-DeCaF 1st Workshop: Hands on introduction to data-driven cell factory and community design

  • Venue: Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center at DSM, Delft, NL
  • Date: September 12-13
  • Target audience: Industry and academia
  • Duration: 2 days

This hands on workshop will present the initial results of the DD-DeCaF project providing an introduction to basic concepts in modeling and systems biology for the design of cell factories and communities and an overview of different tools developed by the consortium. A first version of the DD-DeCaF platform will be showcased alongside metabolic engineering, community modeling and metagenomics tools. The relevance of data-driven approaches in biotechnology will be discussed with case studies from industrial partners. SilicoLife will be giving a workshop on OptFlux on Sep 12.

More info in the project website: dd-decaf.eu