Portuguese biotech company SilicoLife secures Series A investment of up to €9.8 million to accelerate the biological production of ingredients.

On the past December 7th SilicoLife concluded the first of two Series A rounds fundraising to the tune of €4.9 million, covered in its entirety by funds managed by venture capital firm BlueCrow .

In line with the approved objective-based program for the next 24 months, BlueCrow is committed to securing a second, equally sizable, round of investment in SilicoLife. The two rounds of investment are aimed at supporting the development and evolution of the company’s business model over the next 3 to 5 years.

SilicoLife combines AI and Biology to further the sustainable production of various ingredients, using precision fermentation and microorganism engineering. With a strong track record in creating optimized biological solutions for leading companies across different sectors of activity, SilicoLife will focus on creating its own line of production technologies within the dietary supplements industry.

Biotechnology, particularly with the developments from the last decades, offers tools that allow innovations with multiple applications. From it, the development of products and solutions in areas such as medicine, agriculture, livestock, food, bioenergy, chemical industry, among others, becomes possible, allowing not only the production of compounds that until then could only be extracted from non-sustainable sources, but also the replacement of highly polluting chemical processes – but essential for modern society – by sustainable and scalable alternatives.

In a nutshell, SilicoLife’s approach is, in a rational way and on a basis of strong knowledge, to design industrial microorganisms to produce, in a profitable and sustainable way, the ingredients and supplements that are part of our daily lives.

Simão Soares, SilicoLife CEO, adds:

“Fermentation is the manufacturing technology of the future. We are leveraging our technological expertise and experience in developing new biological processes to address the currently unmet needs of the high-growth supplement industry. The cooperation between SilicoLife and BlueCrow combines our recognized expertise in R&D with the financial strength and scope of the funds managed by BlueCrow to scale and potentiate a knowledge-based company.”

BlueCrow further stated,

We’ve been following SilicoLife’s business model for some time and we understand the conditions are in place for this team to consolidate the experience and knowledge they’ve acquired over the last several years to face their next series of challenges, designing and creating solutions of enormous impact.”

To face this new phase, SilicoLife will soon announce job openings in the areas of software engineering, molecular biology, strain engineering, and business development, amongst others.

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