SilicoLife is attending SynBioBeta 2023, on May 23-25, in Oakland (CA), US. SynBioBeta is the leading conference for the synthetic biology community. This event brings together top innovators, experts, and investors to explore the latest advancements in the field.

At SilicoLife, we are at the forefront of AI-driven biology and precision fermentation, revolutionizing the way we produce sustainable ingredients for diverse industries. SynBioBeta provides an incredible platform for us to discuss our groundbreaking technologies and connect with like-minded individuals who are shaping the future of biotechnology.

We look forward to networking, learning, and forging long-term collaborations with other thought leaders and technical experts.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discover how we use the latest advances in AI and biology to create optimized microorganisms for sustainable production of pure ingredients through precision fermentation. See you at SynBioBeta 2023!