Our CEO Simão Soares is one of The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEOs of 2020.

This annual initiative is promoted by Il Bioeconomista that asked a panel of world bioeconomy experts to select the Chief Executive Officers that have stood out as the most innovative during the last year.

This is the result of 2020 (in alphabetical order):

  • Catia Bastioli, Novamont (Italy)
  • Veronique de Bruijn, Photanol (Netherlands)
  • Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech (USA)
  • Matt Lipscomb, DMC Bio (USA)
  • Christophe Schilling, Genomatica (USA)
  • Simão Soares, SilicoLife (Portugal)
  • Marcus Steilemann, Covestro (Germany)
  • David Sudolsky, Anellotech (USA)
  • Peter Vanacker, Neste (Finland)
  • Sytze van Stempvoort, Peelpioneers (Netherlands)

The survey to elect the most innovative CEO is open until December 10.