SilicoLife is participating in the upcoming conference “The Automated Scientist – the future of cell factory engineering,” organized by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster. This event, scheduled to take place from March 11 to March 15, 2024, will explore the forefront of automation in scientific research through artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of cell factory engineering. It aims to foster discussions among thought leaders from academia and industry, highlighting recent advances and future directions in this innovative field.

Paulo Maia, our Director of Innovation, will present a poster detailing the achievements and insights gained from the SHIKIFACTORY100 project. This project embodies our commitment to advancing the field of synthetic biology, focusing on the development of efficient cell factories for the production of high-value compounds via the shikimate pathway. Isabel Rocha, co-founder and board member of SilicoLife, will deliver a talk on “Large-scale Computer-Aided Design for the Production of High-Added Value Compounds from the Shikimate Pathway within Shikifactory100.” Her presentation will delve into the innovative approaches and computational tools developed during the project to enhance the design and optimization of metabolic pathways for sustainable bioproduction processes.

We look forward to engaging with other experts in the field, sharing our findings, and gaining new insights that will further drive innovation within our company and the broader scientific community.